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Use Referral Marketing - Stand Out from Competition (Part 1)

Let’s play a Mental Game. Think of the answer to Who Do You Trust ? You have 2 choices. Those paid results at the top of the Search option ? Or your own sister ? That banner on YouTube ? Or your best friend from college ?
This is an easy game. We trust our family, friends, and even strangers more than we trust advertisements and brands.
When it comes to making purchases, we’re all influenced by a number of different factors, which impact our decisions to varying degrees. Great copy on an ad might initially capture our attention, but likely won’t be enough to drive a sale the first time we see it. Seeing a chunk of positive reviews can be incredibly persuasive. A referral from a friend or someone we know personally, however, is what’s most likely to get us to purchase.
If you had me write down everything that I’ve purchased because someone I knew recommended it to me, this would be an exhaustingly long blog post. I’ve purchased everything from clothing subscriptions to mulch for my backy…
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True Power of Referral Marketing - 1

Referral Marketing, is also known as Word–of–Mouth Marketing (WoMM). It is one of the oldest (and still the most effective !) marketing strategy. Basically, it is all about people buying your products & services, because somebody they trust recommends it to them.
Referral Marketing is a subtle process that is omni–present in our daily life. The reason why small businesses do not think of referral marketing is that it is not as glamourous or visible like a TV commercial or a hi–fi marketing campaign. In India, I would call it the IPL Effect.
All studies have shown Referral Marketing as the most powerful form of promoting any business. A study by Nielsen Company, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, shows that 90% of consumers around the world say they trust referrals from friends & family, above all other forms of advertising. Additionally, 70% of consumers around the world also say that they trust other consumers’ opinion poste…

3 Reasons Why We Lose Sales - Reason 1

This has happened to me several times. I have an initial, promising meeting with a potential client. They call to speak with me or I was recommended to them – so things got off to a good start. I start by asking them about their business. I talk about some of the problems they face, identify that there are things I could help them with. I discuss what can be done and they seem pleased. They ask me to drop them a proposal and I leave the meeting feeling rather pleased. It feels like this one is in the bag.

                                Then nothing happens.

Despite sending a very compelling value proposal, they don't call back. Eventually you get through to them and they explain that priorities have changed. Budgets are tight and although still interested in working with you, it won't be for a while – they will revert to you when things become better. You wonder if they have chosen to go with a competitor. 

Someone you know, who will never be able to do as good a job, as you can…

7 Simple Ways Grow Your eMail List

Growing an eMail list is one of the most important parts of creating a successful eMail Marketing Strategy. And for a lot of businesses, also one of the most challenging. You know you have something valuable to offer current and potential customers, but how do you actually get them to sign up ?
Luckily, there are a number of tools you can use to grow your eMail list. Let us take a look at real life situations from small businesses, where they have achieved success with eMail marketing and solved the list growth formula in the process :
1.Use a paper sign–up sheet This is one of the simplest ways to grow an eMail list. It is also one of the most effective. Most effective when you have a retail store or a brick and mortar location where you interact with customers face–to–face.
The sign–up sheet could be a A4 sheet with the heading – Would you like to receive emails every week about new, hard to find books and free book reading events ?
This simple question offers a glimpse of what can be ex…